Many of us have felt that sense of desperation – of urgency – when we learn that we or someone we love is fighting for their life. In 2014, I met with a brave Wisconsin woman, Trickett Wendler, who was fighting ALS.  Trickett passed away last year, but her spirit and her fight are among the reasons I am passionate about this issue — because I know that today, and every day, millions of Americans are fighting similar life-and-death battles to save themselves and their loved ones.

In an era of unprecedented medical innovation, we have to do more to ensure that patients facing terminal illnesses have access to potentially life-saving treatments. These patients don’t have the time to wait – often years and years – for the FDA to grant final approval.  For Trickett, and for countless others facing terminal illnesses, now is the time to give more patients a chance to save their lives - to give them hope.

My bill will ensure that terminally ill patients, their doctors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are allowed to administer investigational treatments where no alternative exists. The full text of the bill can be found by clicking Trickett Wendler Right To Try Act of 2016.