Press Releases

Oshkosh, WI – Senator Johnson made the following comments on the Ebola crisis: 

“The Ebola crisis has been a growing problem for several months, and it is now present in America. The Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) need to communicate far better and provide more competent leadership to protect our citizens.  Effective leadership begins with honest and forthright communication that will help reduce the justified concerns of the American public.  

“Leadership also requires acknowledging reality and taking strong action to respond to it.  Responding to the threat of Ebola should include restricting the travel of individuals that have recently been in affected nations or those exposed to Ebola patients.  Restrictions would include selective travel bans and appropriate isolation or quarantine.  In addition to protecting Americans here at home, we need to make sure the finest among us, our troops overseas, are kept safe while constructing Ebola treatment units in affected nations in West Africa. 

“Finally, the CDC needs to make protocols clear and necessary protective gear readily available to medical personnel – so that those treating the sick don’t continue to be infected.  This is a critically important time for the administration to act decisively to contain and prevent the further spread of Ebola in America and around the world.”