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On Friday Senator Johnson published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about the resistance to President Trump inside the federal government.

The U.S. is in a constitutional crisis. It began on the day of President Trump's election, when unelected bureaucrats mobilized against his presidency. This is a crisis in the executive branch, perpetrated by subordinate officials who don't see themselves as answerable to the president. They have effectively established a fourth branch of government -- a permanent, unaccountable bureaucracy. ...

Fortunately, there are people who are working to uncover the truth. Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Attorney General William Barr, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, his successor, John Ratcliffe and my committee, along with the Senate Finance and Judiciary committees, are working to declassify important information and make it public. Unfortunately, uncovering the truth isn't easy, and time may be running out. Should Joe Biden win the presidency, the truth may be hidden forever. ...

We have reached the moment of truth. For years, our efforts to obtain documents and testimony from federal intelligence agencies, including the FBI and CIA, have been stonewalled. Now Mr. Trump has authorized his subordinates to declassify and provide all information relevant to our investigations. Will they comply with his directive, or will the insurrection continue? We will hear howling and screaming that the president is politicizing the agencies and threatening national security. But what is the greater threat to our democracy -- transparency, or the continued coverup of an attempted coup against the duly elected president?

Read the full column in the Wall Street Journal.

Fox News Interviews

Fox News

During Senator Johnson's interview on Fox News Wednesday, he called for greater transparency regarding the one thousand pages of documents the director of national intelligence recently declassified. Watch it here.

Senator Johnson appeared on "America's Newsroom" Friday to discuss his recent op-ed about efforts to undermine the Trump administration and to explain his committee's work to declassify and provide information relevant to its investigations. Watch it here.

Joseph Project Class 94

Joseph Project Class 94

The Joseph Project continues with monthly classes in Milwaukee at Greater Praise Church of God in Christ. Class 94 graduated on Thursday, October 1, and by Monday, October 5 one of the participants was reporting to his new job. The one-week program prepares participants for job interviews with companies ready to hire and provides transportation to their new jobs. Since its inception, the Joseph Project has helped more than 500 people find life-changing employment.

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