Press Releases

Oshkosh, Wisconsin – Senator Ron Johnson (WI) made the following statement regarding the Wisconsin Lao Veterans of America’s tribute to the late General Vang Pao:

“In Vang Pao, the Hmong community lost a leader, and the United States lost a historic friend and ally.  Throughout his life, Vang Pao consistently stood up for freedom and liberty in Southeast Asia and around the world. He was a tireless advocate for the Hmong people and richly deserves the tribute he will receive today.  

“Vang Pao was a faithful ally during the Vietnam War, and a strong leader. He fought selflessly to protect his people from a murderous and oppressive regime.

“When the United States withdrew from Vietnam, Vang Pao came to the United States in exile, but continued to work for the compassionate treatment of the people of Laos, and refugees in Thailand and elsewhere. Largely due to his efforts, Hmong refugees were saved from the reprisals they would have suffered had they been forced to return to Laos.

“I am pleased to join with the Hmong community of Wisconsin in remembering his life and achievements.”