I am pleased to provide assistance to constituents who are experiencing trouble dealing with federal agencies. All too often, the federal government can be unresponsive and confusing, and my office staff can help navigate what is often a challenging bureaucracy.

What is Casework?

For constituents who are unable to successfully resolve issues with the federal government, my office can act as a liaison. My professional staff is experienced in communicating with government officials regarding a range of matters. They'll help you present the facts about your case so that it can be fairly considered.

Before my office can assist you, you will be asked to fill out and sign a privacy release form.

Please Note: My office cannot override a federal agency when it makes a determination in accordance with the law. My office cannot intervene in litigation or in legal proceedings. My office is most effective in dealing with federal policies and agencies that fall within my purview as a federal legislator. If you require assistance with a non-federal matter, my staff can help you identify your representative(s) at the state or local level, who will be better positioned to assist.

Casework Topics

My office can contact the Dept. of Education on behalf of a constituent in cases where there is a specific financial need for postponing repayment, lowering monthly payments, or in some extreme cases, the loans are forgiven if an individual becomes disabled or can no longer work.

My office can assist with federal student loan processing questions, total and permanent disability on federal student loans and FERPA complaints.

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My office can provide assistance for the following:
  • international travel
  • the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen
  • acquiring Permanent Resident status (Green Cards)
  • obtaining the status of pending immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications
  • other issues with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security agencies and the U.S. Department of State.    

Please note that neither I nor my staff can provide legal advice on how to handle an immigration case. You may want to contact an attorney that specializes in U.S. immigration law if you need legal counsel of any kind.

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My office can help answer questions and/or make an inquiry to Department of State regarding pending U.S. passport applications. 

Please note my office is unable to assist with legal issues with passport issuance relating to child support in arrears, delinquent taxes, or passports issued by foreign governments. 

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My office can help constituents navigate through complex IRS issues such as Tax Returns and/or delays, ID Theft, 501(3)(c) and IRS Penalties and Interest. 

Please note that my office cannot help with Economic Impact Payment issues.

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My office can help veterans and their dependents with the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding benefits.  We can also assist veterans in locating military records and help in resolving missing or replacing service medals.

Please note that congressional offices have minimal oversight regarding appeals except for locating them in the process and obtain a copy of the final decision.

My office can provide assistance to constituents with questions relating to the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

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  • Agriculture: My office can assist with issues regarding USDA farm programs, the Farm Service Agency or the Natural Resources Conservation Services. 
  • Banking:  My office can provide assistance to constituents with questions relating to Banking rules and regulations, mortgages and foreclosures.
  • EPA/Environment: My office can provide assistance to constituents with questions relating to EPA rulings and the enforcement of EPA regulations for businesses, municipalities and individuals.
  • Health & Human Services: My office can provide assistance to constituents with questions related to the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP), the Office of the Inspector General, Health Insurance, the AMA, CDC, and FDA.
  • Housing/HUD: My office can assist you with issues related to federal housing programs that are administered by U.S. Housing and Urban Development or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Labor: My office can provide assistance to constituents with questions relating to pensions, COBRA, HIPPA, Worker's Compensation, discrimination, and federal employment.
  • Medicare: My office can assist constituents who are having difficulties with their Medicare coverage whether it relates to Medicare A, Medicare B, Medicare D or the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services(CMS).  
  • Social Security: My office can assist constituents with concerns regarding Social Security Disability, Social Security Income, retirement or other Social Security related benefits. 
  • Victims of Crime: My office can assist victims and their families as well as the victim service providers, law enforcement, and first responders that are assisting them during difficult times. Click here to see additional resources provided by the DOJ's Office for Victims of Crime Services Division.


The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that an elected official obtain written consent before contacting federal agencies on behalf of a constituent.


With the privacy release form, please include a separate letter which:

  • Explains why you are seeking Senator Johnson's assistance;
  • Includes any relevant documents, important deadlines, contacts, case or reference numbers;
  • For all immigration application inquiries, includes receipt numbers, passport numbers, alien numbers, and interview date, if applicable;
  • Identifies the federal agency with which you need help;
  • Is signed; and,
  • Indicates if another congressional office has been contacted, which office, when the office was contacted, and a summary of the progress made by that office.

Casework Contact Form