Oct 02 2015

Ron's Week

Ron's Week  

Milwaukee Air National Guard Send-Off

On Monday, Ron attended the send-off ceremony for the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s Milwaukee-based 128 th Air Refueling Wing. Ron told the airmen,  “Even though we don’t always say it, a mere glimpse of your service and sacrifice is enough to bring an immediate acknowledgment of respect, a tear to our eye, or render us entirely speechless. So let me just say God bless you for your service, Godspeed, stay safe and come back whole.”

  Watch a video of the send-off ceremony  here .

Airmen bow their heads in prayer.

Ron greets an airman and his family. 

Border Jobs for Veterans  Act

The Border Jobs for Veterans Act, introduced by Sens. Johnson (R-Wis.), Flake (R-Ariz.), McCain (R-Ariz.), and Schumer (D-N.Y.), was unanimously approved by the Senate on Thursday. The bill increases recruiting and expedites the hiring of U.S. military service members for positions with U.S. Customs and Border Protection when they leave the armed forces. Read more on the bill  here.

“This is a piece of legislation that truly is a win-win. It’s a win for our veterans, it's a win for border security,”  Ron remarked on the Senate floor. Watch his full remarks here. 

Federal Government Impedes Innovation  in Higher Education, Witnesses Tell Panel

Chairman Johnson led a hearing Wednesday reviewing the performance of the Department of Education. Ron is concerned by the rising costs for college education, especially given the federal government’s high and rising spending to support higher education. “Are we getting the bang for the buck?” he asked witnesses.  Read more here or watch the full hearing  here.

  Ron noted during the hearing that taxpayers have spent about $1,500 billion on the Department of Education since its launch in 1980, and $87 billion in 2015.  

Ron’s Wisconsin Manufacturing Month Tour  

Ron is kicking off Wisconsin Manufacturing Month in Dane and Waukesha counties today. Check  Ron’s blog for pictures and updates on where he’ll be throughout the month of October. He could be in your area!

All Veterans Job Fair

Do you know any veterans within driving distance of Chicago who are looking for jobs? Please share the following with them.

What: All Veterans Job Fair 
Date: Thursday, Oct. 8 
Time: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 
Location: Macy’s on State Street, 111 N. State St., Chicago.

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