Transportation Infrastructure

Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce and establish roads.  While Senator Johnson is a consistent advocate for reduced federal government spending across all areas of our economy, it’s clear there are a few areas, including transportation infrastructure, in which federal investments should be prioritized.

Senator Johnson agrees with those who argue that America’s once world-class transportation infrastructure system – including airports, roads, bridges, locks, dams, ports and harbors – is slowly but surely crumbling.  In the face of this reality, Senator Johnson, like many in Congress, supports investments to maintain and expand America’s infrastructure.

Senator Johnson serves on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. In this role, and on the Senate floor, he has worked on numerous pieces of legislation aimed at improving America’s transportation systems.


Senator Johnson is proud of Wisconsin’s aviation sector.  Hailing from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he is thrilled that Oshkosh annually hosts the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture fly-in, an event that attracts thousands of aviation enthusiasts.

Senator Johnson has played a key role in the Senate’s consideration and passage of Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization legislation. The Senator has led efforts to pass legislative language to improve reporting on the implementation of new aviation navigation technology, to prohibit the FAA from charging fly-in events, like EAA AirVenture, for air traffic controllers to work the towers, and to improve drone safety. 

Roads, Bridges and Vehicles

Well-maintained roads and bridges are essential for the efficient flow of commerce.  The Senator has served on the Senate Commerce Committee for multiple rounds of highway and surface transportation reauthorization legislation.  During these legislative processes, he’s supported efforts to streamline federal infrastructure permitting process and to provide commonsense, narrowly-tailored exceptions to highway restrictions.

Senator Johnson is proud to hail from a state with a strong motorcycle tradition.  The Senator has led on efforts to discourage motorcycle profiling and motorcycle-only checkpoints, and to reform and reauthorize the Motorcycle Advisory Council (MAC). In 2017, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation named Senator Johnson as their 2017 Motorcycle Legislator of the Year.


Many Wisconsinites depend upon rail for shipping and their daily commutes. Senator Johnson has consistently supported efforts to ensure that America’s railways are safe and efficient.  He has closely followed the implementation of a critical rail safety tool, Positive Train Control, and has urged rail’s regulator, the Surface Transportation Board, to take a balanced, thoughtful approach when considering new regulations. Senator Johnson has also supported federal funding for the popular Hiawatha line, a passenger rail line that connects Milwaukee with Chicago. 


Bordered by two Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, Wisconsin’s maritime roots run deep.  Senator Johnson is proud that Wisconsin is home to many vessel and harbor operators, shipbuilders and maritime suppliers.  The Senator has supported federal funding for Great Lakes maritime infrastructure projects and efforts to streamline regulations to ensure free flowing commerce on the Great Lakes.

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