Johnson Cosponsors Save Our States Act

Senator Ron Johnson released the following statement regarding S. 281, the Save Our States (‘SOS’) Act, which was introduced yesterday by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX):

“The constitutionality of the 2010 health care law was clearly in question when Congress raced to pass it in the dead of night. Now we have two courts ruling it unconstitutional. That being the case, there is no reason for taxpayers in all 50 states to begin spending millions of dollars implementing a plan that may ultimately be thrown out in its entirety. This commonsense legislation creates a ‘time-out’ while the question is settled.” 

The Save Our States Act delays provisions and new regulations of the 2010 health care law not in effect on the date of enactment, until final judicial resolution of current lawsuits. The bill does not suspend features of the law already in effect on the date of enactment.

The SOS Act ensures that all states are on equal footing, and prevents taxpayer dollars from being spent to implement a law that may be found unconstitutional. The bill has 16 original cosponsors.