Johnson Salutes Governor Walker for Courageous Leadership on Spending

Senator Ron Johnson released the following statement today:

“I am incredibly proud of the leadership and the courage that Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Members of Wisconsin’s State Assembly and Senate are showing against incredible opposition. Not only is Governor Walker leading the state of Wisconsin, but he is also leading the nation. America is hungry for leadership as both Washington and many states face crushing deficits.

“I was deeply troubled when I learned that union supporters were surrounding Governor Walker’s private home in Wauwatosa. That is out of line and out of bounds.

“I have deep respect for anyone that works hard to build a good life for themselves and their family. Nobody likes to face budget cuts. But, the fact of the matter is that we are talking about a $3.6 billion deficit in the state of Wisconsin, and a $1.65 trillion deficit here in America. We have got to take action, doing nothing is no longer an option. We simply can’t delay fiscal responsibility any longer.

“I stand ready to do anything I can to assist the men and women in the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate.  Showing this kind of leadership deserves our respect. I’m encouraging the citizens of Wisconsin to also voice their support for those people showing leadership and courage.  They are doing what has to be done and they should be commended.”