Johnson Statement on Cut, Cap, and Balance

Washington, D.C. – Senator Ron Johnson (WI) released the following statement regarding the Cut, Cap and Balance Act:

“In order to get America's fiscal house in order, we must enact hard spending caps that provide the discipline to force Washington to prioritize spending. The Cut, Cap, and Balance Act provides that discipline. It cuts spending next year, establishes caps to limit the growth in spending over the next ten years, and then increases the debt ceiling contingent on the passage of a Constitutional Amendment to limit spending and balance our budget.

“It is a reasonable proposal that would actually prevent the bankrupting of America.  Passing and sending a Constitutional Amendment to the states for ratification puts the decision on long term fiscal discipline where it belongs - in the hands of the American people. I urge all Senators to follow the lead of the House of Representatives by supporting the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.  Let's give the American people the opportunity to decide.”