Johnson: Time for Policies to Boost Manufacturing

Oshkosh (WI) – Senator Ron Johnson released the following statement today regarding the first annual nationaManufacturing Day:

The American private sector has been a model for the world. It built the world’s largest economy and provided many generations of Americans the opportunity to seek and find their American dream.

“Manufacturing has been at the heart of that dream. I should know. Before coming to the U.S. Senate, I spent 31 years running a plastics manufacturing company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I was proud that it was a place where so many folks built better lives for themselves and their families.

“Unfortunately, under President Obama’s failed leadership, America has shed more than half a million manufacturing jobs and our economic growth rate is slowing, not expanding.

“On Manufacturing Day, let us appreciate the prosperity our people have enjoyed for so long and recommit our nation to the principles that fuel manufacturing growth and economic security – freedom and limited federal government."