Senator Ron Johnson Will Support The Ryan/Murray Budget Deal

Washington, D.C. – On Sunday, Senator Ron Johnson released the following statement on the Ryan/Murray budget deal.

“Funding the federal government through successive continuing resolutions is a bad idea that only results in greater inefficiencies, waste and economic uncertainty. It is a practice that should end. The budget deal struck by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray is no “grand bargain,” but I credit Paul with understanding that a grand bargain is not possible at this point in time. 

“This is a limited agreement that prevents government shutdowns through fiscal year 2015 that would hurt economic growth and new job creation. It also provides executive agencies and congressional committees the opportunity to prioritize spending and eliminate duplicative programs – which is long overdue. 

“Although I disagree with a number of provisions in the bill, on balance the good outweighs the bad. As long as the Senate does nothing to worsen the bill, I intend to support it.”