Johnson Response to D.C. based League of Conservation Voters

Oshkosh, Wisconsin – In an effort to be responsive to numerous press inquiries, Senator Johnson issued the following statement regarding the press announcement by the Washington D.C. based League of Conservation Voters:

“I believe in a clean environment, and try to practice conservation and good stewardship in everything I do.  The League of Conservation Voters' approach to environmentalism lacks balance and any reasonable sense of proportion.  Theirs is an ideological and radical agenda.  They don’t care if their policies kill Wisconsin jobs and slow creation of badly needed new jobs. They don’t care that their policies increase the cost of electricity, gasoline, or home heating and air conditioning in Wisconsin.  They don’t care that their policies make it harder for Wisconsin families to make ends meet in very difficult economic times.  I do care about how families struggle with higher costs and unemployment and I’m not afraid to fight against radical Washington policies that harm Wisconsin.”