Sen. Johnson Responds to Rep. Sensenbrenner's Comments

Washington, DC – Sen. Ron Johnson responded to comments from Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner regarding the senator's lawsuit against the federal Office of Personnel Management with this statement:

“I have always respected Congressman Sensenbrenner, but I am disappointed and puzzled by his disagreement with me on an issue that all but two congressional Republicans (including Congressman Sensenbrenner) have voted in favor of - ending the special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs under Obamacare.    

“Americans are justifiably outraged when members of Congress exempt themselves from the very laws they impose on everyone else.   With the help of President Obama, that is exactly what Democrats have done once again.  

“By no means do I believe this issue is trivial, or my lawsuit to overturn this injustice is frivolous.  This is an issue of basic fairness that I believe is worth fighting for.”