Johnson Reacts to Immigration Executive Action

Washington – Sen. Johnson issued this statement following President Obama’s remarks on immigration executive action:

“Tonight, President Obama declared a series of immigration actions through executive fiat.  He has dictated his own laws — cutting  out the American people and Congress — and then hypocritically declared he wants to debate the issue in good faith.  Even if you agree with some of what he says, that is not how passing good law works.    

“Over the last two years, President Obama has repeatedly stated that he does not have the constitutional authority to change immigration laws unilaterally.  What changed?  Certainly not the legality of his actions.  Unfortunately, the president has cynically decided that politics trumps legality. 

“It is now up to the new Congress that the American people elected to demonstrate that while the president stands for illegal immigration, we stand for legal immigration.  While the president stands for lawlessness, we stand for upholding the rule of law and keeping Americans safe.  I have already begun working with my colleagues on a border security and enforcement bill and will work quickly to address this issue next Congress as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  It is well past time to finally secure our borders.”