Johnson Supports Keystone XL Pipeline, Democrats Block

Washington, D.C. – Senator Johnson remarked about the Senate’s vote on S. 2280, the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill:

“I was pleased that Senate Democrats finally agreed  to hold a vote regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline this evening, and I was happy to vote yes.

“However, I am disappointed this important piece of legislation failed to pass by one vote.  Democrats' failure to support this legislation is a prime example of the dysfunction in Washington and how their policies have hurt our economy.  Americans hungry for work could have benefitted long ago if the democrats and the president had listened, as multiple studies, now confirmed, showed that building the pipeline is the most environmentally friendly method of transporting oil from Canada.   By not acting, we have needlessly irritated our closest neighbor and failed to help Americans lower their energy costs and reduce dependence on oil from foreign sources.”