Liberals figure you need a comic book, not the truth

It isn’t just that Obamacare was sold on a foundation of lies, as the newly revealed videos from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber show. What is even worse is the way the Obama administration thought it was doing America a favor by lying.

Marc A. Thiessen makes this point in the Washington Post. Democrats are now desperately saying they never knew who Jonathan Gruber was, and no wonder:

“The reason Democrats are running from Gruber is the same reason conservatives should be thanking him: Gruber has exposed what liberals really think of the American people.”

Democrats certainly did know who Gruber was. The Obama administration paid him $392,000 to “develop proposals” for health care as Obamacare was being written, and it used him to lend credibility to the plan as it was being sold.

The Daily Signal points out that Gruber wrote a comic book in 2011 to help sell the Obamacare scheme – one in which Gruber’s character relays the lie that you can keep your plan:

“When one of the characters, a white male, tells Gruber he fears Obamacare will ‘muck up’ his existing health plan, the Obamacare architect reassures the man that if he likes his plan, he can keep it.”

The comic was lauded by the Washington Post and the New York Times as the testimony of an expert. Big-name Democrats certainly knew Gruber back then:

“Gruber’s comic book received praise from other Obamacare advocates. In a blurb, then-Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said the book is ‘fun and informative, and it boils down the facts of health care reform for all Americans.’”

“Boils down” – since then, the videos of Gruber discussing the “stupidity” of American voters make it plain that this boiling down involved lying. Thiessen in the Washington Post points out that Gruber’s leader, President Obama, lied, too, about whether you could keep your plan and about whether the mandate to buy a plan on his “exchange” is a tax. He lied, like Gruber lied, to get Americans to buy something they didn’t want but that Obama and Gruber felt they ought to want. Thiessen writes:

“It’s one thing for Americans to suspect that their president lies to them. It’s quite another to hear a key Obama adviser boast of it.

“So thank you, Jonathan Gruber. We now know how the Obama left sees the American people. We are like children who don’t understand what is best for us. We need experts such as Jonathan Gruber to make decisions for us. If we are too ‘stupid’ to agree with them, they can use our ignorance to deceive us and enact policies we would never otherwise support. And if we’re too stupid to catch the deception, well, that’s our problem.”