Johnson: No Surprise That Senate Democrats Will Not Produce a Budget

Washington, D.C. – Senator Johnson made the following remarks after learning that once again, Senate Democrats will disregard their duty to produce a budget.

“It's not surprising that Harry Reid's dysfunctional Democrat-controlled Senate would take a pass on showing the American people any plan to prevent the mortgaging of our children's future. I question whether they even acknowledge the problem. I know firsthand how unserious Democrats are about any kind of fiscal discipline or reform to bring sustainability to the programs they claim they want to protect.

“Next week, we will see the president produce a budget that will increase spending still more. Senate Democrats will hail it as the solution to all our problems. Then they will propose additional spending that violates the Ryan-Murray budget compromise they agreed to less than three months ago. Our current path will lead to $127 trillion in federal deficits over the next 30 years, a number far higher than the entire value of all private assets in this country. Yet the president and his party will increase spending even more.

“The only way to change that dynamic is to change control of the Senate and to elect a president who is serious about addressing these problems in 2016.”