Johnson Introduces Budget Transparency Bill

Washington, D.C. – Sen. Ron Johnson made these comments upon the introduction of a bill promoting budget transparency:


“Today, I introduced the ‘Truth in Obamacare Accounting Act’ that would require the Congressional Budget Office to provide, on an ongoing basis, a full and complete accounting of the costs and revenues associated with Obamacare. I initially proposed this in March 2013 as an amendment in the Senate Budget Committee that was adopted with bipartisan support and included in the budget that passed the Senate on March 23, 2013.


“News this week has highlighted a real problem in how Congress accounts for this huge expansion of government health care spending.   CBO undoubtedly faces considerable challenges in separating the impact of the law from some of the other programs that interact with it, but it can and should be able to estimate those costs and impacts so that Congress and the American people understand the true scope of  financial harm that Obamacare is causing.   The estimates related to coverage-only provisions are inadequate for assessment of a law that touches nearly every aspect of our health care system.”