Bill to Eliminate WOTUS Rule Passes the Senate

Washington – Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) voted Wednesday in favor of a bill that would eliminate the Waters of the United States rule pointing out how harmful this overregulation would be to Wisconsin farmers.  Johnson made these remarks about his vote:

“This new regulation means the EPA’s regulatory power over the use of Wisconsinites’ land would expand to cover an estimated 92% of the state. We can all agree on reasonable regulations that prevent the pollution of Lake Michigan or the rivers of our state, and we should all celebrate the Clean Water Act’s success in reducing pollution in lakes and streams. That success should not be used as an excuse for the EPA to unilaterally claim control over all land within 1,500 feet of any backyard puddle or former high-water mark.

“This is an unconscionable power grab, and that’s why I cosponsored Sen. Barrasso’s legislation directing the EPA to take a more reasonable approach. It’s unfortunate Democrats blocked that, and I urge President Obama to sign the next best plan, a resolution of disapproval of the Waters of the United States regulations.”