Johnson Encourages Members of Both Parties to Attend PM Netanyahu’s Remarks

WASHINGTON – Sen. Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, made these remarks today encouraging members of Congress to attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address next week:

“Many Americans, including me, are deeply disappointed by the partisan rancor exhibited by the White House and some Democrats in Congress regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks to Congress next week.  One of the biggest foreign relations challenges facing the Middle East — and America — is how the Iranian nuclear negotiations will be resolved.  Israel is directly endangered by Iranian nuclear ambitions — as is the entire Middle East.  I believe Congress and the American people will benefit from hearing the perspective of the prime minister. I ask that the White House cease its inflammatory attacks on Prime Minister Netanyahu, which degrade our important relationship with Israel.  I also hope that all members of both political parties in Congress will attend his address.”

Senator Johnson plans to attend the Prime Minister’s address.