Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Senator Johnson’s bill to help America transition past the poorly written and disastrously implemented Affordable Care Act. 

Senator Johnson’s proposed Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care Act would prevent a crisis in the event the Supreme Court in the King vs. Burwell case reads the Affordable Care Act the way Congress wrote it.

The Johnson bill would allow Americans to keep their health plans, even those bought on Obamacare exchanges, and taxpayer subsidies available through Obamacare would continue through August 2017. In exchange, the bill would demand of the Obama administration the return of some of the freedom and choice taken away by Obamacare. 

These two essays by Senator Johnson explain why he offered this legislation: 

The Wall Street Journal: A Make-or-Break ObamaCare Moment
April 13, 2015 by Ron Johnson 

USA Today: My plan would protect patients
May 27, 2015 by Ron Johnson

 This is an independent view of his bill from the nation’s leading editorial page:

The Wall Street Journal: In Search of an ObamaCare Breakout
May 21, 2015 by The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

A summary of the bill is here.

Frequently asked questions and answers are here.

The text of Senator Johnson’s bill is here.