Johnson: ‘A Very Informative Week’ Listening

OSHKOSH — “The threats to our security are real and they are growing,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said after he held a series of listening sessions across the state with law enforcement leaders and concerned citizens to discuss national security. 

The senator, chairman of the Senate committee with oversight responsibility for homeland security,  met with Wisconsinites in Green Bay, Mosinee, Superior, River Falls, La Crosse and Madison for in-depth conversation about how best to ensure the national security of Americans. He said this after the sessions: 

“This has been a very informative week of hearing the concerns of Wisconsinites — Wisconsin police and sheriffs, and concerned citizens — about community, state and national security. The committee I chair, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, routinely hears from the nation’s homeland security leadership, but I think it’s important to understand the realities on the front lines in our state and communities. That’s why I’m so grateful that these law enforcement leaders and members of local communities took the time to talk with me.

“One thing they reinforced was the danger posed by America’s insatiable demand for illegal drugs. They told me about the destruction of drug use and abuse, the crime involved in the trade, and the lives ruined in towns across Wisconsin.  But the destruction of drug abuse is not confined to our communities.

"Over the course of our series of hearings on border security,  we've learned how drug demand reduces border security by empowering drug cartels — how those cartels then branch into human and sex trafficking, and how they control the Mexican side of our southern border.  They are also largely responsible for the destruction of public institutions throughout Central America.

"The threats to our security are real and they are growing.  That is why I will continue to focus my efforts on the priorities I established for my committee:  border security, cybersecurity, protecting our critical infrastructure, countering Islamic terrorists and other violent extremists, and helping other public safety officials succeed in keeping our communities, state and nation safe and secure.”

The senator recorded further remarks after the conclusion of the last session on Friday. The video, 1:36 in length, can be seen here



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