Staff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson's 10 Rules to Live By

Staff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson, a 28-year-old Wisconsin native, was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan last month. At his memorial service in Brookfield, Wisconsin, his father and pastor read something Matthew wrote ten years ago, a list of "all the little things" that make life sweeter. In effect, 10 rules to live by. It shows striking maturity, especially for a young man still in his teens when he and his best friend wrote the rules.

1. Never grow up.

2. Learn.

3. Never have any regrets.

4. Live for the moment.

5. Do what you love.

6. Pursue with a passion.

7. Never settle.

8. Always take time to listen and to talk.

9. Keep a positive attitude.

10. I need God and will live for him