October: Manufacturing Jobs and Protecting Whistleblowers

On Top

October is Manufacturing Month

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On Wisconsin

The Joseph Project: Class 38

The Joseph Project - a faith-based initiative to connect those in search of a job with employers looking for workers - began its 38th class in Milwaukee this week. On Monday, Senator Johnson met with the 14 new participants, who are coached in soft skills, motivation, and time management. All who successfully complete the class will have an interview with local companies who are looking to hire. The Joseph Project has successfully connected more than 180 people with well-paid jobs by helping to overcome barriers to employment such as transportation.

Joseph Project Class 38

Learn more about the Joseph Project here.

Meeting Future Leaders

Students from De Pere and Pulaski high schools were engaged and well informed while discussing a wide variety of topics with Senator Johnson last week.

Pulaski HS Tweet

De Pere High School

On the Hill

Protecting Whistleblowers

The House of Representatives recently passed the Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick Whistleblower Protection Act. The bill passed the Senate earlier this year and now heads to the president's desk for his signature. It is named for Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick, a whistleblower from the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah, who tragically took his own life after being fired for questioning excessive prescription practices at the facility.

This bill is a result of investigation done by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which Sneator Johnson chairs. Dr. Kirkpatrick's brother, Sean Kirkpatrick, testified before the committee about retaliation his brother faced. The legislation will strengthen penalties for those who retaliate against whistleblowers, add protections for probationary employees, and ensure that federal employees have a greater knowledge of whistleblower protections.

Whistleblower Act

Get to Work!

Senator Johnson and 10 other senators sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Thursday pledging their full support to turn the Senate on full time - 24/7 - for the remainder of the year to combat partisan obstruction and get results for the American people. You can read the letter here.

Coming Up

  • The Senate passed a 2018 budget resolution Thursday, setting the stage for much-needed tax reform. Senator Johnson voted for the budget and will be a strong advocate for pro-growth tax reform in the coming weeks and months.
  • As health insurance costs continue to increase under Obamacare's faulty architecture, Senator Johnson is working to develop an agreement to fund cost sharing reductions and increase affordable and accessible health insurance options. Learn more here.

Media Recap

Oct. 15 - Newsmaker Sunday - WFRV-TV (Channel 5) - Green Bay

Oct. 17 - The Vicki McKenna Show - WIBA-AM (1310), Madison

Oct. 19 - Meet the Press Daily - MSNBC (national)

Oct. 19 - The Hugh Hewitt Show (radio stations nationwide)

Oct. 19 - The Michael Medved Show(radio stations nationwide)