Podcast with FCC Chairman Pai

FCC Chairman Visits Wisconsin

This week, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, visited Wisconsin and held roundtables with Senator Johnson about issues affecting Wisconsin broadcasters and broadband providers. Expanding rural broadband access is important for Wisconsin, affecting everything from precision agriculture for farmers, medical diagnoses for rural doctors and schools looking to connect their students to the world.

Sen. Johnson and Chairman Pai

Chairman Pai also sat down with Sen. Johnson to record a podcast, Net Neutraility: A Solution Looking for a Problem, which you can listen to here.

They talk about digital opportunity and high speed broadband for all Americans and why a light-touch regulatory approach, first established during the Clinton administration, is the best way to achieve that goal.

Group Shot with Broadband Providers

Sen. Johnson and Chairman Pai with members of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association.

Touring Win Data Center

Touring the WIN data center in downtown Milwaukee. This is the hub for the largest independent fiber optic network in Wisconsin.

Sen. Johnson and Chairman Pai at WBA Hall of Fame

Sen. Johnson and Chairman Pai also met with Michelle Vetterkind of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Assocation and toured the WBA Hall of Fame located in the Hilton hotel downtown Milwaukee. Fascinating!

Ajit Pai Tweet

Just a hunch, but it looks like Chairman Pai enjoyed his time in Wisconsin. Have a great weekend!