Let's Have an Honest Border Debate

Policy-Focused Immigration Debate

The National Review interviewed Sen. Johnson this week about the border crisis.

With the headline, Amid DHS Chaos, Ron Johnson Pleads for Honest, Policy-Focused Immigration Debate, the article details Sen. Johnson's leadership to get both sides to talk about real policy. The issues are complex and what's needed is less demogoguery and more real information.

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Sen. Johnson also appeard on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to talk about border security and immigration loopholes. Watch that interview here.

Border Trip Planned for Monday

Sen. Johnson will travel to the southwest border next week for a firsthand look at the growing humanitarian and national security crisis at the border. He will be visiting the El Paso Sector on Monday and Tuesday observing the situation on the groud and talking with CBP officials and the men and women working to protect the U.S. on the ground at the border.

Chairman Johnson Holds Hearings on Border Crisis

Chart on Border Apprehensions

As chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Sen. Johnson has held dozens of hearings on border security and immigration. Two of those hearings were held over the past weeks focused on the unprecedented migration at the souther border. One hearing looked at the numbers, as shown in the chart above. Another hearing focused on stories from those on the frontlines.

"There is a humanitarian and national security crisis at our souther border. The dedicated men and women of the Border Patrol, Customs and Border Proetection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Health and Human Services work tirelessly on the frontlines to combat this crisis, but they are overwhelmed. The blame for this rests with Congress, which sits idly by while the crisis continues. I reiterate my challenge to my colleagues: If you do not support this new reality of open borders, work with me to fix our flawed immigration system."

Senate Rule Change to Overcome Democrat Obstruction

cloture vote

The Senate voted to alter its rules to limit floor debate time for sub-cabinet and lower court nominees to two hours.

For two years, Senate Democrats have engaged in unprecedented obstruction of hundreds of President Trump's nominations and made Washington more dysfunctional than it already was. During the first two years of this administration, Democrats stalled 128 nominees by requiring a cloture vote and 30 hours of unnecessary debate. This compares to an average of eight cloture votes required during the first two years of the last three administrations. Denying any president the ability to adequately staff their administration harms our nation's economic and national security.

Harry Reid forever damaged the Senate by deploying the nuclear option in 2013. Chuck Schumer has further harmed the Senate with his senseless obstruction. Republicans were forced to use Harry Reid's precedent to end Democrat obstruction. Senate committees will continue to conduct thorough vetting of nominees, and this long-overdue rule change will help ensure the Senate is able to tackle the enormous challenges that face America.

Joseph Project Class 69-Milwaukee

Class 69 Photo

Congratulations to the Joseph Project graduates of Class 69 in Milwaukee. The one-week class is held every month in Milwaukee and participants are guaranteed a job interview at the end of the week. Once hired, the Joseph Project offers transportation and support to help participants transition to a habit of work. Check out our Instagram page for profiles of the many volunteers helping make this program a success.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Sen. Johnson at Volunteer Coffee Shop

Sen. Johnson visited the Volunteer Center of Washington County to promote Volunteer Appreciation Week . While many volunteer centers across Wisconsin have been closing, this one is thriving because of its unique approach. Hint: there's a coffee shop and school bus involved!

Watch the video here.

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Medal of Honor Day

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