My Trip to the Border

Visiting the Southern Border

SRJ at border
Since returning from the El Paso sector of the southwestern border, Sen. Johnson has been sharing impressions and information learned from the trip. He was briefed by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol El Paso sector chief and toured a satellite processing center that temporialy houses families apprehended crossing the border illegally between ports of entry.

Sen. Johnson's Wall Street Journal Opinion Column

Cartels are pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars ushering immigrants through Mexico. America's broken immigration system, our laws and legal loopholes sustain this wicked business model. Our laws must change. Once illegal immigrants realize we will not allow our laws to be exploited, fewer will risk paying human traffickers, and the flow will be reduced.

Read more about Sen. Johnson's ideas to solve the border crisis in the Wall Street Journal.

UpFront Television Interview Recaps Trip

SRJ on the border

For an in-depth recap of Sen. Johnson's border trip, watch the interview he did with UpFront. He said the influx of migrants is out of control and the border patrol personnel have been turned into a mere "speedbump" on the road to permanent residency.

The interview aired on stations throughout Wisconsin last weekend, and you can watch it here.

Media on Sen. Johnson's Border Trip

READ: Washington Post article on legislation to tighten asylm standards.

READ: Journal Sentinel " We are in full catch-and-release right now."

WATCH: America's Newsroom about the need for more consequences for those illegally crossing the border.

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