Johnson Discusses Democrat’s Costly Infrastructure Bill and the Biden Border Crisis on 'Fox Business'

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), commented on Democrat’s job crushing and costly infrastructure bill and the Biden administration’s mishandling of the ongoing crisis at the border on Fox Business’ ‘Kudlow’ on Thursday.

Excerpts of the interview are below and video can be found here.

“When you take a look at language of the initial proposal on this infrastructure bill, only about 5% had anything to do with roads and bridges. At the most generous definition, 20% of the bill might have been related to infrastructure. It reminds me an awful lot of President Obama's stimulus, about 800 billion dollars. The most generous definition of infrastructure is maybe about $100 billion. Remember, he was crowing about how this will be shovel-ready, then he had to sheepishly admit that there were not too many shovel-ready projects. This is what Democrats do, they mis-label and they use labels that are popular for the American public, then they shove everything else, including the kitchen sink, in these pieces of legislation. Larry, here’s the real news flash - we can't afford these things. We've racked up about 6 trillion dollars in debt with the COVID relief packages, now this is going to be another 2 or 2.7 trillion dollars. We're 28 trillion dollars in debt right now, probably going to be over 30 by the end of this fiscal year, with trillions more the Democrats are talking about. We simply can't afford it.”

“That’s what is so tragic about what President Biden did. He blew up all the successful reforms on day one of his administration. Now we're seeing this enormous surge, and by the way Larry, there is nothing humane about this. I was asked by another reporter, what was the most disturbing thing you saw on the border a couple week ago? I said, among all the disturbing things we saw, what’s most disturbing is what we didn’t see. The human trafficking, the fact that they sell children, they reuse children, they throw children overboard. The sex slave aspect of this, the human trafficking, involuntary servitude. By the way, everything that I just mentioned, the Biden administration was fully aware and they realized their policies are facilitating this multibillion-dollar business model of some of the most evil people on the planet. They're doing it knowingly, and they’re doing it willingly, and it’s shameful.”

“We held something like 30 hearings on border insecurity and problems with human trafficking, so she should be fully aware of this. She is fully aware of this, and yet this administration wants complete open borders, and you have to ask yourself, why? Is it really that they want to remake the demographics of America to insure that they stay in power forever? Is that what is happening here? Because the human depredation that’s being caused by their policies, they're just untold. It is unconscionable, but she is completely awol on this.”