Johnson Discusses President Biden’s Tax Plan and Border Crisis on ‘Fox Business’

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) commented on President Biden’s $2 trillion tax plan and his administration’s mishandling of the ongoing crisis at the border during an appearance on Fox Business’ ‘Mornings with Maria’ today.

Excerpts of the interview are below and video can be found here.

On tax increases:

“When I heard that what I thought back to was President Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his comment about Vice President Biden at the time, that he had been wrong on virtually every foreign policy issue over last four decades, last 40 years, and I think what we are looking at now. First of all, America awakening to fact President Biden is not a moderate. His agenda is radical, and I fear what we're going to discover is that he is going to be wrong on every domestic spending issue, every domestic policy issue over next four years of his administration as well. We’re already seeing the disaster of his policy as relates to the southwest border and he’s talking about probably adding another $6 trillion to our debt when we don't have to. We see light at the end of the tunnel on covid we didn't need $1.9 trillion. There are things we could do, but not to this extent, not this massive level of spending and borrowing. We don't have this money. This isn't monopoly money but that is apparently the way his administration views this.” 

“Well what they will do, and this is the way they craft packages, they put a few good things in these bills to attract people and then they try and have everybody else ignore the trillions of dollars of other unnecessary or radical leftist policies that are also part of packages. So I hope this thing can't pass. I think the only way it can is through reconciliation where you have every Democrat plus Kamala Harris vote for this. I would hope Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin realize that we don't have an unlimited checking account, we’re mortgaging our kids futures, and that is immoral. These policies just simply won't work.”

On border crisis:

“One thing that is largely been kept out of the public domain is really the human trafficking element of this, and the fact that President Biden, knowing full well the depredations, knowing full well how evil these people are, is enacting policies that are basically facilitating the business model.”

“President Trump solved the problem largely, of unaccompanied children and family units coming across the border and by building the wall we had our sights on securing our border so we could take next step and figure out what to do humanely with the DACA children, and setting up a legal immigration system that targeted toward our economy. We were so close and President Biden and Vice President Harris blew it up, completely dismantled it, and now we have a crisis bigger than anything we have ever seen.”