Johnson Talks Media Bias, Border Crisis on ‘Fox News’

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo today to discuss his concern about Biden’s ability to handle the threat China poses, the ongoing border crisis exacerbated by the Biden administration’s policies, and the mainstream media’s bias towards Republicans. 

A video of the interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.

“It's one of the reasons that Senator Grassley and I issued our report before the elections, so the American people could understand these foreign financial entanglements of Hunter Biden and the Biden family and how that just might affect U.S. foreign policy. The counterintelligence threats, the extortion threats, we have no idea. None whatsoever and again, we've written oversight letters and we’re trying to get information out of these government agencies but the media completely dismissed our report and said there was nothing in there. There was all kinds of information in there. That's part of our problem, we do not have an unbiased media. We don't have journalists anymore. For the most part we have advocates, and they are advocating for the democrat, extreme left-wing of the American political spectrum and it’s really hurting this country. It's very dangerous.”

“The press was part and parcel to his entire campaign effort and I guess he just simply can't admit that the reason we have all these vaccines is because of what President Trump and Secretary Azar did in terms of squeezing all the economic inefficiencies out of that vaccination process. Remember a year ago, everybody was saying it was impossible to develop a vaccine in less than a few years, and the Trump Administration did this in less than a year. I celebrate that triumph but at the same time, I urge caution from the standpoint of indiscriminate vaccination of everybody, and pressuring people to take a vaccine if they don't want to do so. I was a champion of Right To Try but I'm also a champion of right to choose.”

“The bottom line is, over the last couple of weeks we’ve exceeded over 6,000 people apprehended per day on the southern border. This is a crisis created by President Biden himself, by his policies. President Trump pretty well had this problem solved and President Biden dismantled the entire thing. The way they will try and get away with it is disperse people as quickly as possible so you can’t take pictures, so the media can continue to ignore it but President Biden and Vice President Harris fully understood the human depredations of the human traffickers that their policies are still paying that multi-billion business model.”