Sen. Johnson on Fox News: We Shouldn't be Shaming, Pressuring or Mandating Anybody Get This Vaccine

Joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss his decision not to get vaccinated and his recent antibody test


WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss his decision not to get vaccinated and his responsibility as a United States senator to ensure the government is transparent and the American people have all the information and freedom to make informed medical decisions.

A video of the interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.

On his antibody test:

“This is really an example of media bias run amok. Two months ago, I was asked by a Milwaukee reporter whether I'd been vaccinated, and I said no because I’ve had COVID. I think that probably gives me, based on what I've read, probably as strong immunity as someone who has been vaccinated. So, this was at a point in time where we didn’t have enough vaccines to go around, so I said I’ll let somebody else go before me and I’ll reconsider it later on. Of course, I was immediately labeled an anti-vaxxer, I was attacked, and all of a sudden it became an issue. I did get in contact with Dr. Noorchashm, you’ve have had him on the show. He is very concerned about indiscriminate vaccination. Really focusing on vaccinating people based on medical necessity, and he is also concerned about people who have been previously infected, you might have some complications. He actually suggested I take an antibody test, which I took last week, and found out my antibody levels are as high as his after his two doses of Moderna. So he is actually for vaccines as well, and now I decided at least for the time being I’m not going to get vaccinated and I’ll reconsider this later on, but again this should not be a controversial issue. I’m the champion of Right to Try legislation, but the corollary of that is right to choose, as well, and we shouldn't be shaming or pressuring or mandating anybody get this vaccine. We have more than enough vaccine to go around right now, and people ought to respect other people's freedom and liberty, and their ability to choose whether or not to get vaccinated or not. “

On government transparency and healthcare freedom:

“Well, that's the $64 question. Why are they pushing this on everybody? I am concerned now about them trying to push it onto children. Let's face it, they aren't in a position of informed consent. We do need to recognize that this is not a fully approved vaccine. It's gone through phase one, appears to be very safe in the early trials, very effective, but we’re still undergoing the phase two and three, so we need to be honest. I think my role as a United States senator is not to encourage or discourage people taking the vaccine but to make sure the government is transparent and the people have all the information. I know you’ve come under a great deal of attack for just pointing out the VAERS system, the early warning system on vaccines. We have over 3,000 deaths that occurred within the first 30 days of being vaccinated, and 45% of those occur on day zero, one, or two. Listen, I'm not saying the vaccine is the cause of those deaths, but what I am saying is that is something that we should seriously consider and we should investigate that further, and unfortunately I think the CDC has kind of blown that off.”