ICYMI: Sen. Johnson talks Biden Border Crisis on ‘Newsmax’

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) appeared on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” to discuss the vice president’s visit to El Paso and the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of the border crisis created by the Biden administration’s failed policies.

A video of the interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.


On VP Harris’ sham border trip:

“The vice president didn't really see the border, didn't really see the crisis, and of course that was planned. They certainly didn't want to bring the press down with her, where they could see the crisis and have to report on it, so this has been a huge cover-up. This crisis has been caused by the Biden administration, by dismantling the successful programs — we've been averaging about 6,000 people per day being apprehended. That's a large caravan a day, about 1,000 getaways that we know about.”

“It was so the press wouldn't accompany her and be shown the actual crisis. The Biden administration, they've done these no-bid contracts for hotel rooms. They're already well on their way to making sure that there are no videos of, for example, the Donna, Texas, facility where we saw all those kids clumped together in those little closed-in areas. So again, this administration just hiding the ball and the press is playing along with them."