Sen. Johnson Talks Democrats’ Reckless Spending on Fox Business

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) appeared on Fox Businesses “Evening Edit” to discuss Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree. The senator also joined Republican members for a press conference highlighting how the Democrats’ proposal would be disastrous for American families and businesses.  


The full interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.

“It reminds me an awful lot of Nancy Pelosi's famous statement: ‘We have to pass the bill before we can determine what’s in it.’ In this case, it’s like we’ve got to vote for the bill before it’s even written, before anybody knows what’s in it. So, it was obvious that this should not have been voted on. We shouldn't have had cloture on it. And we'll see what negotiators come up with over the weekend, but I’d still argue on Monday if we’re voting on this thing, we're still not going to know all the details, and that just shows the dysfunction of the Senate under Democratic leadership.”

“We've increased debt over the last 18 months by more than $5 trillion. The Democrats are absolutely dedicated to passing a $3.5 trillion budget, which understates the cost of that budget. What they’re going to do is they’re going to lay in all kinds of new entitlement bills. … We know once an entitlement is in place — like Ronald Reagan said, the closest thing to eternal life is a government program — they will never end.”

“I've always thought, yes, we need to spend money on infrastructure but our Republican position should have been take the $700 billion of the $1.9 trillion supposedly Covid relief package that isn't even spent until 2022 through 2028 — repurpose that for $700 billion worth of infrastructure. That doesn't mortgage our children's future any further.”