Yellow Journalism

Mainstream Media's Abuse of Trust

Ron Johnson at Capitol Dome

It is sad, and a troubling reflection on the current state of mainstream media, that I find myself having to respond to yet another unwarranted hit piece by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its Wisconsin affiliates.

That was earlier this month. Now, yet another hit piece this time by The Washington Post. The question I would like to ask these "fact checkers" is tell me what I said that wasn't true? When did it become wrong to simply ask questions? The Washington Post mischaracterizes what I said and is another example of yellow journalism created to be used by leftwing journalists and their Democratic allies in future political attacks.

To understand this game, I encourage you to read the facts. On my website, I have laid out my response to the Journal Sentinel's questions and then what the reporter actually wrote. You can see for yourself the details of where the reporter erred, exaggerated, mischaracterized or in any other way got it wrong.

I hope you take a few minutes to read my op-ed about the mainstream media abusing the trust vested in them by the public.

Big Government is Now Big Brother

Government report

The U.S. Surgeon General announced last week a campaign to censor "medical misinformation."

Exactly what is the Surgeon General calling misinformation? Without specifics, he is guilty of his own accusation. His job is to provide the public information they need to make an informed choice. He should respect their intelligence and freedom.

Apparently Big Government has now become Big Brother under President Biden. Why anyone would think government is the font of all wisdom and all other perspectives need to be silenced is beyond me. Unfortunately, the censorship that results from this unholy alliance between big government and big tech has, and will continue to, cost lives.

How to Pay for Real Infrastructure

Wisconsin Road

Our nation is nearing $30 trillion in debt. There is a day of reckoning if we don't get our fiscal house in order.

Everyone agrees America needs to invest in infrastructure. But with our national debt growing out of control and Democrats dedicated to passing a 100% partisan blowout spending package totaling $3.5 trillion, we cannot support any additional deficit spending on Joe Biden's, Nancy Pelosi's, Chuck Schumer's and Bernie Sanders' liberal wish list.

We can pay for needed infrastructure without incurring additional debt by instead repurposing previously appropriated but unspent funds. We must stop mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's futures.

Read more about Republican efforts to pay for infrastructure without out of control spending.

Tax Credits or Social Engineering?

Image of TMJ4 story

I'm not a fan of using the tax code for either economic or social engineering. A flat tax structure, with no credits, would be much easier.

But since we're stuck with the current system, I want to make sure it's administered fairly.

Read more of my comments in this Milwaukee TMJ4 story.

Mobile Office Hours

Collage of Mobile office locations

My staff travels the state of Wisconsin offering mobile office hours in all 72 counties. So far in July, the mobile office set up shop in Windsor, Wisconsin Dells, Milton and Ephraim to name a few. If you are interested in getting help with a federal issue, look for upcoming mobile offices on my website.

Telephone Town Hall

On the telephone

On July 14, I held my eightieth telephone town hall. These town halls allow me to call out to thousands of Wisconsinites and take questions for one hour. I enjoy hearing what is on your mind and it's a respectful back and forth. Please sign up to get on our call list so you can participate in the next one!