Joe Biden's Year of Failure

Biden's Record of Failure

Biden's first year in office has been a year of failure.

Out of control spending. Record inflation. Raging COVID. Afghanistan disaster. Emboldening our adversaries. Crisis at the border. Increased crime. Deepening division.

Biden said he "outperformed" expectations. I'm not sure what planet he's inhabiting but on planet Earth his record is a record of failure. Listen to my remarks from the news conference here.

The Republican agenda is clear. We're for letting the American people live their lives with the least amount of government interference as possible.

Protecting the Filibuster

Sen. Johnson at podium

This week I voted in opposition to the radical attempt by Senate Democrats to destroy Senate filibuster rules.

On April 7, 2017, 32 Democrat Senators signed a letter "to preserve existing rules, practices, and traditions" regarding the filibuster. 27 are still serving in the Senate and one is now Vice President. Democrats used the filibuster just last week to block sanctions on Putin's Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

So why do Democrats now want to destroy the filibuster? It's not about preserving voting rights, those rights are well established and protected. It's because they want absolute power in the face of bad poll numbers and their own tax-and-spend policies. Those policies are failing the American people causing record inflation, higher gas prices, rising crime, supply chain shortages, and empty grocery store shelves. It is up to the Senate to vote to protect our institutions and the voice of every American. I voted to prevent a naked power grab by Democrats and maintain the tradition of the Senate that promotes comity and bipartisan action.

Why Was He Here?

Texas Synagogue

wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas and FBI Director Wray asking why the Texas synagogue terrorist was allowed to enter the United States. The Jewish community, and all Americans, deserve transparency and accountability into this preventable attack.

I want information from the FBI and DHS on Malik Faisal Akram, the terrorist who took four people hostage at the synagogue and reportedly threatened to kill them if a convicted terrorist and al-Qaida supporter was not released from prison.

Reports indicate that British intelligence had previously identified Akram, a British citizen, as a subject of interest. It is unclear why DHS and FBI failed to detect Akram and stop him from entering the U.S. two weeks before he carried out the attack.

Time for a Second Opinion

Second Opinion Graphic

This coming Monday, I'll be hosting a panel discussion at the United States Senate with world-renowned doctors and medical experts who have had their voices silenced during the Covid pandemic.

We are always encouraged to get a second opinion in healthcare. Why hasn't that happened with Covid-19? Consider this discussion the "second opinion" for our government's pandemic response.

You can watch the entire discussion live on my "Senator Ron Johnson" Rumble channel.

I will also be posting links to the livestream on all my social media channels Monday morning. The discussion begins at 9am ET, 8 am CT.

I encourage you to submit your questions on Rumble and I will try to get them answered by the panelists. Hope you can join me Monday morning for this important discussion.

Please Read This!

Federalist Article

The mainstream media loves to attack me. I always ask, "tell me what I'm saying this isn't true?" They never have an answer. Time and time again, the facts are not on their side. I've always promised to tell you the truth.

Please take a few minutes to read this article in The Federalist to see the long list of media attacks that turned out not to be true.

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