Sen. Johnson on Biden Administration Response to COVID-19: They Are Ignoring the Science

WASHINGTON — On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss his panel “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” and how the science is being ignored by the Biden administration and our federal health agencies.

The interview can be found here, excerpt below. 

Watch the full panel here and read more about the discussion in The Daily Signal.

On early treatment:

“Well, I actually sought out a second opinion very early in the pandemic, so I’ve been connected to this global network of eminently qualified doctors and medical researchers and scientists that have just had a different opinion on the coronavirus, on the disease, on the vaccines, on our response. I'm hoping what the American public learned, those that watched it, is that these eminently qualified individuals have a different approach, different opinion that's not as divisive, isn't as insane as our approach has been and quite honestly isn't as deadly. Anybody that looks at our response, you know, mismanaged by Anthony Fauci, you look at the fact that 889,000 Americans are dead. We ranked 22nd in terms of deaths per million, over 2,600. Sweden is, I think, in the 70s at 1,500. So the fact of the matter is we should have been exploring and researching early treatment, and I certainly learned from doctors who have been treating, having the courage and compassion to treat COVID, that it's an entirely treatable disease. Probably hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives that didn't have to. I also hope that people start looking at, if you're going to get a second opinion, go to a doctor who actually has the courage and compassion to treat COVID as opposed to those that sit in their ivory towers or in their bureaucratic offices. Never see a patient but just make all these pronouncements, say they are science as they ignore science.”