Second Opinion Doctor Stripped of Medical Certifications

Outrageous Action Taken Against Dr. Peter McCullough

Tweet about Dr. McCullough

Sen. Johnson and Dr. McCullough

This weekend, I learned that Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist, has been stripped of his medical certifications. He has dedicated his life to saving others. This is outrageous and must be reversed.

I first met Dr. McCullough in 2020 when he testified at my Senate hearing on early treatment for COVID-19. He talked about the four pillars of pandemic response: 1) contagion control, 2) early home treatment, 3) late-stage hospital treatment, and 4) vaccination.

He was also part of my COVID-19: A Second Opinion panel discussion in January of this year. The five-hour long discussion has 4.5 million views on Rumble.

Dr. McCullough told The Epoch Times that he is appealling the decision.

Meeting for Medical Freedom

Meeting with doctors

In October, I met with a group of current and retired physicians in the Green Bay area who have formed a group called Physicians for Freedom. Their mission is to promote factual, rational, and respectful debate of current issues necessary for good self-government. They had questions about the government's response to COVID-19 and gender reassignment surgries for minors.

Read more about a letter I sent along with some Republican colleagues to Attorney General Merrick Garland condemning the Department of Justice's patterned abuse of investigative authority to police the speech of Americans and stifle the ongoing policy debate over whether minors should receive experimental gender reassignment procedures.

Wauwatosa Parent Meeting

I held a listening session for Wauwatosa parents concerned with the Wauwatosa School District's adoption of age-inappropriate Human Growth and Development curriculum.

This group of parents and community members is fighting for transparency within the district over issues of well-being, safety and academic standards. You can check out Awake Tosa to see how they are pushing back.

Pipeline Company Visit

Enbridge Visit

On a recent visit to Superior, I visited Enbridge to talk with company leaders about the challenges they face in the energy industry.

Companies like Enbridge are crucial to fueling our state's economy and transporting oil and gas to Wisconsinites near and far.

Superior Telegram: Sen. Ron Johnson Visits Enbridge in Superior

Beloit Business Roundtable

Meeting with business leaders

I had a great meeting with business leaders in Beloit last week at the coworking space Irontech. We talked a lot about regulations, inflation and fiscal policy. These top concerns are issues reporters rarely ask me about.

Commonsense Zip Code Legislation

Tweet about zip codes

I'm working with Congressman Bryan Steil on this commonsense legislation to streamline our use of zip codes. Some Wisconsin residents currently face challenges with delayed mail delivery, increased cost of insurance and confusion surrounding school districts and property value. This legislation will alleviate the unnecessary complications caused by varying zip codes.

Attention Wisconsin Farmers

Sen. Johnson at dairy farm

With rising costs and inflation at 8.2%, I encourage Wisconsin dairy farmers to enroll in 2023 Dairy Margin Coverage. The USDA is accepting applications now until December 9 for the 2023 program year enrollment. Learn more here.

Cool Wisconsin Spots

Auto Gallery in Green Bay

This was my first time visiting The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay. The collection is housed in a former Cadiliac dealership which has been recognized as a historic site by the city of Green Bay. The gallery showcases classic cars as art. It was started by William "Red" Lewis, who invented the concept of the touchless car wash.