Sen. Johnson Issues Statement on Justice Gableman’s 2020 Election Report

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, U.S. Sen Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) issued the following statement on former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Gableman’s report on the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

“Like the Legislative Audit Bureau, Special Counsel Gableman raises severe issues regarding the 2020 election in Wisconsin that need to be taken seriously. The goal of our efforts moving forward is to restore confidence in our election system. That starts by following established law – which the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) failed to do multiple times during the 2020 election. The lack of cooperation by WEC and some local election officials is not only troubling, but their obstruction of his investigation raises other serious issues. I will continue to study the Special Counsel’s findings and work to make sure no legitimate vote is cancelled by a fraudulent one.”