Sen. Johnson on Fox Business: Democrats War on Fossil Fuels Has Enabled Russia

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” to discuss Democrats war on American energy independence and their long list of policy failures that have weakened America.

The interview can be found here, excerpts are below.

On Reliance on Foreign Oil:

“The Democrats have a war on fossil fuel. They want to end it. They are doing everything they can to make sure you can't even invest in the oil and gas industry. That’s not incentivizing to make that investment, to open up the spigots. I just heard yesterday from the senators whose state the Keystone XL Pipeline went through. That project is dead. They are actually pulling up pipe from the ground. I don't know how many billions got sunk into that. They realized that with the opposition from Democrats, that Keystone XL pipeline is dead. That’s not going to be revived. Again, that’s all because of Democrat policies, Democrat governance. That’s what got us into this mess – our dependence on foreign oil. We were energy independent. We're not under the Biden administration.”

On Biden’s Failure in Ukraine:

“What’s even more galling is to listen to his State of the Union address where he is basically giving himself credit for assembling a coalition to support Ukraine. He’s taking credit for his response. His response was a miserable failure. A successful response would have deterred Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. We wouldn't be seeing these atrocities if there was a successful response. Let's face it, the reason the world has galvanized around Ukraine is because of the courageous Ukrainian people, and their extraordinary courageous leader President Zelensky – not President Biden.”

On Biden Administration’s Lack of Transparency:

“I don't know what they are all holding back. All I know is they have not been honest. They have not been transparent. I have written literally dozens of oversight letters on early treatment, on vaccine injuries, on the vaccine data itself, now on masks, the studies they were using on masks on children. They are so arrogantly non-transparent. They are arrogant to the American public. Listen, I am a U.S. senator. I represent the American people. I representative the voters and citizens of Wisconsin. The CDC is not being transparent. They are not providing the information that people need to make tough decisions as they try and get through this pandemic.”