Sen. Johnson on Senate Floor: Hunter and James Biden Paid Millions by Now-Convicted “Spy Chief of China”

WASHINGTON—On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on the Senate floor for the second day to discuss their investigation into Biden Inc. and the criminal behavior of Biden family associates. The senators called on the media and their Democrat colleagues to consider the implications the Biden family’s vast web of foreign financial entanglements have on the administration’s foreign policy and potential risks to national security.

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Sen. Johnson’s remarks as prepared, below.
“Thank you, Senator Grassley.
“As my colleague, the senior Senator from Iowa, has shown, Hunter Biden and James Biden received millions of dollars from companies connected to the communist Chinese regime.  But, frankly, it’s worse than that.  These companies were effectively an arm of the Chinese Government. 
“This isn’t Russian disinformation. These are hard facts backed up by bank records of actual financial transactions that prove just how connected the Bidens were, and now how compromised President Biden probably is. 
“I’ll use this series of transactions to prove my point.

“This is a bank record showing a one million dollar wire transfer into the account of Hudson West Three from CEFC on November 2, 2017.

“As Senator Grassley and I have already established, CEFC is effectively an arm of the communist Chinese regime.

“It’s also important to note that at the time of this transfer, in  November 2017, Hunter Biden was already invested in and providing management for Hudson West Three.

“So a company that was effectively an arm of the Chinese government transferred one million dollars in November 2017 to a company that Hunter Biden is managing and is invested in.

“Now, let’s bring up the second record.  Focus on the one million dollar wire out on March 22, 2018.


“Again, this is a record from Hudson West Three’s bank account.  Like the previous record, this is showing the transfer of one million dollars, but this time the money is being transferred out of Hudson West Three and to Owasco, another one of Hunter Biden’s firms.  This transfer took place on March 22, 2018, a little less than five months after the one million dollar transfer from CEFC to Hudson West Three.

“Hunter is transferring one million dollars between two firms he manages and has ownership in.  So what is the purpose of these two - one million dollar transfers?  

“This next record seems to answer that question.


“This record shows Owasco’s receipt of the March 22, 2018 one million dollar transfer.  It also shows what the transfer is for on the OBI line.  OBI is an abbreviation for Originating Beneficiary Information.   In this case, the OBI indicates the transfer is being made for [QUOTE] Dr. Patrick Ho Chi Ping Representation [UNQOUTE]. 

“So, to recap: on November 2, 2017 Patrick Ho’s company CEFC wired one million dollars to Hunter Biden’s company, Hudson West Three.  On March 22, 2018, Hudson West Three wired one million dollars to Owasco, another Hunter Biden company.  The bank record clearly states the one million dollar payment was being made for the purpose of representing Patrick Ho. 

“Represent him for what?

“Here’s where things get interesting.  We know that Patrick Ho was arrested by U.S. authorities in November 2017 for iinternational bribery and money laundering charges.  Keep in mind that this arrest occurred in the same month that Patrick Ho’s company, CEFC, is wiring one million dollars to Hunter Biden’s company, Hudson West Three. 

“According to the Department of Justice [QUOTE] Ho orchestrated and executed two bribery schemes to pay top officials of Chad and Uganda in exchange for business advantages for CEFC China, a Shanghai based multibillion-dollar conglomerate that operates in multiple sectors, including oil, gas, and banking. [END QUOTE]

“Crimes for which he was eventually convicted and sent to federal prison.

“So, the company that Patrick Ho was making bribes for sends one million dollars to a company Hunter Biden manages and is invested in.  That company in turn transfers a million dollars to another Hunter Biden company for the purpose of representing Patrick Ho, who was eventually convicted of international bribery and money laundering.  

“And guess what Ho did around the same time he was arrested by the FBI for corruption and bribery.

“He contacted James Biden.  Ho’s decision to call the Biden family around the same time he got arrested is revealing, particularly in light of the fact that the same month a million dollars just happened to be transferred to Hunter Biden’s company.

“Hunter Biden isn’t a criminal defense attorney.  Patrick Ho was charged and convicted for bribery and related federal offenses. So what kind of representation was Patrick Ho’s company paying Hunter Biden’s firm to provide?  Were they paying his firm for its legal expertise, or for Hunter’s political connections? 

“In March 2021, Senator Grassley and I asked the Justice Department about Patrick Ho. 

“There’s a federal court filing that says the Department has FISA records on Patrick Ho.  We requested those records.  In response, the Department wouldn’t confirm whether they even had his records.  Unfortunately, the Attorney General refuses to clarify that outrageous contradiction for Congress.

“Oh, one more tidbit.  In a recently uncovered audio extracted from his laptop, Hunter Biden referred to Patrick Ho as the [QUOTE] [expletive deleted] spy chief of China. [END QUOTE]. 

“This quote alone tells you that Hunter Biden knew exactly who he was dealing with.  And it should alert the media and our Democrat colleagues to seriously consider the implications the Biden family’s vast web of foreign financial entanglements have in the conduct of this administration’s foreign policy and our national security.

“In October 2020, Senator Grassley and I requested to interview Hunter and James Biden about their financial dealings.  They both could have provided clarity about their work and these types of connections and transactions.  Unfortunately, rather than be transparent and forthcoming, they declined to speak to us. 

“But facts are stubborn things.  As the Bidens, our Democrat colleagues, and the media is learning, it is difficult to keep them hidden forever.  Senator Grassley and I will continue to investigate the Biden family’s foreign financial entanglements and provide the American people with the truth to the best of our abilities.

“Our challenge is that the deep state does not give up its secrets easily.  New evidence of Biden family influence peddling is surfacing on a regular basis – often coming from records on Hunter’s laptop that the media and deep state former intelligence agencies officials inferred was, you guessed it, Russian disinformation. 

“It wasn’t, nor is any of the information we presented in our reports and here on the floor of the Senate. 

“We may never know all the details of the Biden family foreign entanglements, or the full extent to which those entanglements compromise our current President.  But I’m pretty confident I know who does know – intelligence operatives in Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.  Elements within U.S. intelligence agencies probably also know, they’re just not going to tell us.  

“Senator Grassley and I will return for a final speech on the Biden family’s foreign financial entanglements. 

“Until then, I yield the floor.”