Bidenflation at 41-Year High

Biden's Inflation is a Gut Punch to Americans

Ron Johnson talking to folks at Kwik Trip

We found out this week that consumer prices jumped 8.5 percent. That's a 41-year high.

Inflation is the Democrat tax increase and a gut punch to all Americans, especially seniors on a fixed income and the lower end of the economic spectrum. Americans know who caused this. This is the result of Democrat policies.

"Putin's Price Hike" is just another lie by the Biden administration.

When I was recently in Sun Prairie, I heard from Wisconsinites about the effect of Democratic governance on their everyday lives.

Watch this video to hear what they had to say.

Listening to Parents

Listening Session Wide Shot

I hosted a listening session in Madison with parents to hear their concerns about COVID-19 masking practices, critical race theory, gender identity curriculum, online learning and school board involvement.

Check out this video recap of this event. During the two-hour long discussion, we talked about protecting the rights of parents and students and the need to speak up on behalf of children.

Watch the full listening session on Wisconsin Eye.

Read how I'm working with Republican colleagues to save School Choice after bureaucrats threatened to gut it.

So Many Questions About Hunter Biden

Senator Johnson on the Senate Floor

Fifty-one former Intelligence Agency officials lied to the American people to protect the Bidens.

In October 2020, they misled the public by signing a letter casting doubt on the legitimacy of the records contained on Hunter Biden's laptop.

On April 5, I took to the Senate floor for the third time to discuss my investigation, along with Sen. Chuck Grassley, into the vast web of financial entanglements of the Biden family. We found that the Bidens not only have ties with the Chinese regime, but Russian oligarchs as well. We will continue our investigation until the truth about these corrupt business dealings is uncovered and the American people have answers.

Click on the images below for interviews about the investigation into Biden Inc.

Clay and Buck Graphic

Sen. Johnson and Megyn Kelly

Daily Mail Tweet about Hunter Biden

Washington News You Need to Hear

  • Medicaid made $57.36 billion in improper payments in fiscal year 2019. That accounted for 32.8 percent of all improper payments across the federal government. Read more.
  • As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, I have repeatedly raised the need with the Democratic chairman for oversight of the crisis at the southern border. The full Committee has only had one border-related hearing, and thus has failed to carry out its responsibility to conduct meaningful oversight of the southern border. Read our letter to the chairman demanding more oversight.
  • In an outrageous move, the Biden administration ended the CCP Initiative which the Justice Department used to investigate how China steals our intellectual property through universities. President Biden's continued display of weakness to the world is tempting our adversaries to take advantage of the momentWe must protect American technology and innovation and hold the Communist Party of China accountable for any attempt at theft.

Meeting with Wisconsinites

Madison Business Group

Earlier this month, I met with several Madison businesses. I'm hearing the same concerns: supply chain, inflation, gas prices, Covid policies. Democratic policies are failing Wisconsinites.

Ron Johnson with Oshkosh Fire Chief

It was a pleasure to meet with my hometown Fire Chief, Michael Stanley, in Washington.

Ron Johnson at Fox Valley Tech College

On April 8, I visited Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton. I'm a big supporter of technical colleges. For many students, it is a great way to get job-ready skills without taking on huge debt.

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