Sen. Johnson: Inflation is the Democrats’ Tax on All Americans

OSHKOSH—Yesterday, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) appeared on Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling the Balance” and Fox Business’ “Evening Edit” to discuss the disastrous results of the Biden administration’s policies.

Watch here and here. Excerpts are below.

On Inflation:

“The inflation is wiping out the wage gains and inflation, as I said, that is the democrat tax on all Americans. But it particularly hurts those individuals democrats say they're always advocating for – seniors on fixed income, people at the lower end the income spectrum, those two groups of people that are hurt most by the democrat tax that's called inflation.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Eric Bolling the Balance,’ 4/18/22)

“Of course, they deny inflation, at the same time they say they have a cure for it which is even more deficit spending. But what your viewers all have to understand is these things don't just happen. Our open borders, out of control inflation, record gas prices – these are the direct result of this administration's policies and, of course, they just don't want to own up and accept the disastrous results of their policies but this is what happens.”  (Sen. Johnson, ‘Evening Edit,’ 4/18/22)

On the Corporate Media:

“We don't have journalists in the mainstream media anymore. We have advocates for the radical left, the Democrat party. So they can always rest assured, no matter what lie, no matter what B.S. they're putting forward, the mainstream media will carry that lie and try to bamboozle the American public and by and large that is exactly what happens. That is a real problem for this country.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Evening Edit,’ 4/18/22)