VIDEO RELEASE: Sen. Johnson Meets with Small Business Owners: “We’re in Dire Straits”

OSHKOSH – U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) met with small business owners in Wisconsin who spoke about the impact of burdensome regulations, skyrocketing prices, supply chain issues, and not being able to find enough people to hire.

Watch the video here.

Excerpts from Sen. Johnson below.

“The concerns expressed by business people are pretty uniform. They can't find enough people to hire and then just the skyrocketing prices, supply chain is icing on top of the cake. You've got an administration that loves regulation. So again, I don't see inflation going away anytime soon. I don't see the labor force increasing anytime soon. You know, these problems are caused by bad policy.”

“This is universal. I mean, this isn't just in your industry. This is across the board. In Wisconsin, I would say nationally, you don't need the federal government to solve this problem. It really has to be done locally. The federal government is completely out of control. What made this country great? It’s not big government, it’s not any government program. It’s people like you who are creating businesses like this, producing products like you produce. It's individuals. It's Americans, using their individual liberty and freedom to dream and aspire and build and create this marvel we call America.”