Sen. Johnson Leads Panel Discussion on Failed Response to COVID-19

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) led a discussion of medical professionals at Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C. focused on the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, federal health agency failures and adverse reactions. Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough joined Sen. Johnson on the panel.

As the Senate’s leading advocate for early treatment, healthcare freedom, and individuals who have experienced adverse reactions, Sen. Johnson has held numerous events to investigate COVID-19. In June 2021, he held a press conference in Milwaukee with vaccine injured from Wisconsin and around the country. In November 2021, he held a roundtable with vaccine injured and medical experts entitled “Sen. Johnson Expert Panel on Vaccine Mandates.” In January 2022, he held a discussion with medical experts entitled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” including the doctors on yesterday’s panel. 

The senator held two Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearings on early treatment in November and December of 2020. He has also written over 43 oversight letters to our federal health agencies pressing for transparency and accountability as it relates to the administration’s unsuccessful and harmful COVID-19 policies.

Sen. Johnson’s opening remarks at the Hillsdale discussion can be found here and highlights are below.

On the Biden Administration’s failed COVID-19 response

“I don't see how anybody can take a look at the global response, and in particular, the United States response to this pandemic, to COVID, and call it a success. It was a miserable failure even by their own data. The little data that they actually provide the American public. Now, according to Johns Hopkins, we've suffered over a million deaths in the U.S. out of 6.4 million globally.”

On the impact of COVID-19 on children

“And speaking of children, look at what we did to our children. I think the science is pretty solid that the masks didn't work. They never were going to. Maybe marginally, you know, a couple of percentages. But I'll tell you, one group of individuals we knew upfront masks would never work on was children. Have you ever seen kids wear masks? And yet today we have school systems about ready to open up and probably going to impose masking on our children because the pandemic isn't over. Think about that.”

On the “COVID cartel”

“The COVID cartel, let me define the COVID cartel for you. It is the Biden administration, it's the federal health agencies, it’s big pharma, it's the legacy corporate mainstream media, and it's the big tech social media giants. That is the COVID cartel. They are the ones that have sabotaged early treatment. They are the ones that have done the censoring, that have limited freedom of speech. They are the ones because of that censorship, because of that sabotage, I would hold largely responsible for the deaths of what do you say, doctors, how many hundreds of thousands of Americans that died because of lack of early treatment?

On the importance of COVID-19 investigation and discussion

“So I've rambled on long enough. I really want to get to the doctors here. But what I want to sus out of these doctors is first: complete to a certain extent, what we weren't able to complete in my January 24th of this year event COVID 19: A Second Opinion. We structured that around Dr. McCulloch's four pillars to address the pandemic. Try and limit the spread, early home treatment, hospital treatment and then vaccines. We just ran out of time. We barely scratched the surface, never got the vaccine. So I want to I want to talk about what we know about the vaccines that the media, the COVID cartel, is not conveying to the American public. The American public is not fully informed as they're making these decisions.