Where did the 6 million illegal immigrants go?

Grilling Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas 

Sen. Johnson at Senate Hearing

At this week's Threats to the Homeland Senate hearing, I questioned Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the Biden administration's disastrous open border policies. It is the greatest threat to America's homeland.

We've had out-of-control numbers of illegal border crossings, the dispersion of millions of illegal aliens into the U.S., the horrors of human and fentanyl trafficking networks, and the spike in apprehensions of individuals on the terrorist watch list.

Watch my questioning of Secretary Mayorkas. Notice how he dosn't respond to my question on how many people this administration has let into this country. My guess is that he doesn't have a clue where the 6 million illegal immigrants he waved in have settled.

Border data compared to WI population

Losing Faith in the FBI


Evidence is mounting that the FBI shut down the investigation into Joe Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden and implemented a scheme to label any derogatory information on the Bidens as foreign disinformation.

questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray  about this. He has an obligation to be transparent and restore integrity to his agency.

Americans have lost faith in FBI leadership. Federal law enforcement scornfully holds itself above the law, congressional oversight, and public scrutiny.

Why a Blind Eye to All Things Biden? 

Sen. Ron Johnson

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan opened an investigation this week into the intelligence community's obstruction of my and Senator Chuck Grassley's 2020 report on Hunter Biden that was labeled Russian "disinformation."

I also encourage everyone to read the 7-page letter Senator Grassley released that details  40 human sources saying that there's potential criminal activity within the Biden family. Why is the FBI turning a blind eye on all things Biden, but corruptly pursued Trump, even though they knew the Steele dossier was sourced from someone they were investigating as a Russian spy?

Supporting Israel 

2017 trip by Sen. Johnson to Israel

                                                                                                            2017 Congressional Visit to Israel
I joined some of my GOP colleagues in a letter to Senate leadership demanding our aid package to Israel be kept separate from Ukraine funding.

In the letter, we highlighted that these are two separate and unrelated conflicts that cannot be considered as a “package deal.” Any attempt to give additional money to Ukraine risks complicating the process and prolonging the time it will take to get aid to our ally Israel.

Israel has every right to defend itself against Hamas's horrific terrorist attacks. The Biden Administration must support our ally, Israel, and stop handing over billions of dollars to Hamas's patron, Iran.

Obama and Biden both thought they could appease Iran with billions of dollars. They were wrong. We need to recognize Iran for the malign force it is in the world and stop handing them billions.

Please consult my website for information on travel out of Israel.

Around Wisconsin

Brakebush Family

Five generations later, the Brakebush family of Westfield is still producing chicken products for customers nationwide. I had a great visit to Brakebush Brothers company headquarters where it all began in 1925 with two brothers and one truck used to transport poultry.

Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin

Thank you to the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin for having me back to speak at your annual gathering in the Wisconsin Dells. We appreciate everything you do to keep Wisconsinites healthy.

Business meeting at Wisconsin Club

Appreciate meeting with Wisconsin business leaders at this Independent Business Association of Wisconsin  gathering in Milwaukee. We discussed global and border security, inflation, and our country's crippling debt. The issues are heavy and everyone needs to pay attention.