ICYMI: Sen. Johnson Unravels Biden Family Foreign Business Entanglements and Addresses Danger of Biden’s Open Border

WASHINGTON – On Friday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Larry Kudlow on Kudlow and Sean Hannity on Hannity to address the scandal of the Biden crime family corruption, and the need for Senate Republicans to make any Ukraine funding contingent on achieving benchmarks that actually secure the southern border. On Saturday, the senator joined Fox and Friends’ Rachel Campos-Duffy, Will Cain, and Pete Hegseth where he also discussed solutions to record-high drug shortages and the liberties and freedoms that unite Americans.

On Hannity, Sen. Johnson discussed how he and U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) attempted to warn the American public about how Joe Biden was compromised through the corrupt and illicit activities of his family’s business dealings leading up to 2020.


Watch the full interview with Sean Hannity here.


On how President Biden is compromised by his family receiving millions from our adversaries

“I think Chairman Comer, Chairman Smith, Chairman Jordan have done an excellent job of building on the record that Senator Grassley and I developed before the election. And now you've got Hunter Biden out there doing podcasts, you know, whining about being persecuted. I've said repeatedly I took no joy in uncovering the Biden crime family corruption. But Senator Grassley and I, we were trying to warn the American public before an election, before Joe Biden became president, before he was compromised. We tried to warn the American public that this man and his family had received millions of dollars from countries that were adversaries of ours. That if he were elected, that he would be compromised and our national security would be compromised. That's why we did this.”


On how no one should feel sorry for Hunter Biden given his vile and criminal actions 

“This has nothing to do with some vendetta against poor Hunter Biden. Who, by the way, $872,000 on women and adult entertainment. Now, those women, and we knew this and reported on this, these women were probably trafficked through an international sex trafficking ring. We're supposed to feel sorry for a man in his late forties to early fifties who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on women who were sex trafficked. I'm sorry, I have no sympathy for the man whatsoever.”


Watch the full interview with Larry Kudlow here.


On Kudlow, Sen. Johnson slammed Joe Biden’s open border, calling it a “clear and present danger” to the country. He emphasized that any funding for Ukraine must be tied to benchmarks that secure our border.

On the senator’s plan to reduce the flow of illegal migrants and close Biden’s open border through hard metrics tied to Ukraine aid

“The open border, Biden and the Democrats’ open border, is a clear and present danger to this country. It should be our number one national security and homeland security priority, and we have to use whatever leverage we have. Biden wants money for Ukraine, regardless of how you view funding for Ukraine, we must use that as leverage. And so we just wrote an op-ed, Senator Scott and I did for Fox News, that says that ‘any money going to Ukraine must be contingent on actually securing the border.’ We need to establish benchmarks, just like any kind of incentive you would have in business, benchmarks must be established, and they must be met, before money flows on a monthly basis to Ukraine. It's common sense. They're looking for $60 billion. You know, President Trump, under current law, secured the border in about 12 months. He went from peak to trough in 12 months with remain in Mexico and safe third countries. So, listen, I want the language that Senator Lankford is trying to negotiate for. Democrats are not negotiating in good faith. But regardless of what language we get passed, we cannot count on this president to faithfully execute those laws. This is a lawless administration. This is a president that wants an open border.”


Watch the full interview with Fox and Friends here.


On Fox and Friends, the senator broke down the vast financial foreign entanglements implicating President Biden and his son and addressed solutions to drug shortages exacerbated by federal government involvement in the healthcare market.


On the mountain of incriminating evidence against Joe Biden and his family

“Over a four year time period, where he decided not to pay $1.4 million in tax, he spent $4.9 million. Rachel, that's $23,500 a week, and he spent $872,000 on women and adult entertainment. That's $4,000 a week, about $600 a day. And these women were trafficked through an international sex trafficking ring. So, no, I don't feel sorry for Hunter Biden. He's a criminal. He has done vile, vile things. And now he's out there, you know, claiming persecution. Don't buy it. Nobody should feel sorry for Hunter Biden…

“Well, Senator Grassley and I proved that Joe Biden was lying. The evidence continues to mount. Now, we know that Joe Biden had transferred into his account $40,000. You know these were supposedly loan repayments. But, you know, show us the loan documents, show us the interest payments. So no, I really appreciate the work that Chairmens Comer, and Smith, and Jordan are doing, they're filling in the pieces of the puzzle here, but the evidence is very incriminating and there's no way that Joe Biden can really evade his responsibility here. His family, he is corrupt, and he is compromised as president. He never should have been elected president, but because of the corrupt and complicit mainstream media that cover it up for him, and they continue to cover up for him, now, we're in this awful position here in America.”


On how drug shortages can be alleviated through free market competition

“So, what we have here, is we have a broken marketplace. Generally, when you have very low prices and shortages, it means that there are too few buyers. There are a lot of consumers, but there's just too much buying power concentrated in, for example, the government's hands, in a few insurance companies’ hands. That's what needs to be broken up. We need to bring consumerism, the benefits of free market competition back into the drug market. Now, generic drugs might increase in price a little bit. That'll stabilize it, that’ll alleviate those shortages. Don't look for a solution out of Washington, D.C. The federal government involved in healthcare has already screwed up the market. We need to let the market actually work.”


On embracing the things that unite us as Americans: freedom and family 

“Well, Americans are good people. I mean, we're concerned about each other, we want the best for our fellow citizens, we want the best for people all around the world. So Americans are good people, but we are being very ill-served by government. And one of my missions is to try and wean as many Americans off the federal government as possible. Understand, the federal government doesn't solve problems. It exacerbates problems. So defend your individual liberty and freedom and recognize we're not a naturally divided people. These are individuals, people like Joe Biden, people like the radical left that are purposely dividing us, which right now I would say our division is probably the greatest threat to this country, so resist it. Embrace the things that we all agree on: and that's freedom, that's raising our family, that’s safety and security. Concentrate on those things.”