Leftists are Destroying America

Trump Arraignment

Trump in Wisconsin

Today we are witnessing something never before seen in American history -- the arraignment of a former United States president. With all the problems facing our country, many exacerbated by Radical Left governance, now a George Soros funded district attorney issues a political indictment against a former president.

Leftists are destroying America.

Listen to more of my comments on Newsmax's Rob Schmidtt Tonight.

Dems Relinquish U.S. Sovereignty

Senate speech on WHO Treaty

Democrats defeated my amendment to require Senate ratification for any pandemic agreement with the World Health Organization.

Now we know Democrats are willing to relinquish U.S. sovereignty to a global entity. How sad.

The No WHO Pandemic Treaty Act would have required Senate advice and consent of any convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response reached by the World Health Assembly.

Listen to my full remarks here.

Epoch TV Interview

Sen. Johnson on Epoch TV

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by journalist Jan Jekielek. The senior editor at the Epoch Times is dedicated to pursuing the truth.

I hope everyone enjoys watching this one-hour long interview on Epoch TV. We talked about COVID origins, the missing Fauci emails, the silencing of the vaccine injured and the uniqueness of America and our precious freedoms.

CURD Act & Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin cheese

You see the term "natural cheese" on packaging at the grocery story, but what does it really mean?

I reintroduced the bipartisan CURD (Codifying Useful Regulatory Definitions) Act to help better inform consumers cheese purchasing decisions. The CURD Act would codify a formal definition of "natural cheese."

Right now, there is no official definition. Under the CURD Act, "natural cheese" would be defined as cheese that is produced from animal milk or other dairy ingredients and is produced in accordance with established cheese-making practices.

Wisconsin is known for its cheese, in all its forms and varieties. Codifying the definition of "natural cheese" will allow consumers the necessary information to make informed decisions when purchasing and enjoying the great products of our state.

Reckless Student Loan Schemes

student loan debt

I joined with 34 of my Republican colleagues in introducing a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution of disapproval to overturn President Biden's student loan cancelation scheme, which would transfer up to $20,000 in student loan debt per borrower onto taxpayers, costing an estimated $400 billion.

The CRA would also end the pause on student loan payments, which costs taxpayers an estimated $5 billion each month and has been extended six times under the Biden administration, far beyond the original pandemic justification.

This unconstitutional power grab is grossly unfair to families who did not send their kids to college and to those who managed to pay off their student debt. Biden's student loan bailout does not "forgive" debt but transfers $400 billion onto the backs of taxpayers. I hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will join us in halting this unfair policy.

Government Transparency & Accountability

government transparency

As an advocate for transparency and accountability in government, I am proud to reintroduce the Guidance Out of Darkness (GOOD) Act. This bill reduces the regulatory burden placed on small businesses, workers and households by holding federal agencies accountable.

The bill would require federal agencies to publish their regulatory guidance on the internet in an easily accessible location, helping many small businesses, workers and households comply with federal regulations.

The GOOD Act passed the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee by voice vote twice and passed the House in 2018.

Increasing transparency and simplifying the regulatory process will further economic growth for all Americans. I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this bill and provide the American people with the transparency they deserve.

Joseph Project Success Stories

Sen. Johnson at the Joseph Project

This week, we are holding the 134th class of the Joseph Project. It's a program I helped start eight years ago in Milwaukee to help connect my Wisconsin constituents with jobs.

One of the most heartwarming experiences I have as a U.S. Senator is to lead an alumni panel of former Joseph Project students as they talk to current participants. These alumni, many with challenging backgrounds, talk about how they turned their lives around through the power of work.

Wishing the current class all the best as they prepare to interview for manufacturing jobs immediately following their week-long class.

Passport Backlog

passport application deadllines

My staff has been working around the clock to help Wisconsinites deal with an extreme backlog in passport applications.

The State Department just increased the processing time to between 10 and 13 weeks. We've heard stories of Wisconsinites flying to other states for in-person appointments at passport offices because it's difficult to get appointments. Our best advice is to apply early even for expedited service!