FINALLY. Covid Emergency Ends

Long Overdue

Video of news clips about Covid

Ending the Covid emergency was long overdue.

Our response was a miserable failure - loss of life due to the sabotage of early treatment, vaccine injuries, and the human toll of shutdowns.

They want to quietly end the emergency and ignore all the damage done. As a reminder, here's a (less than 2 minutes) highlight video of my comments over the years on the pandemic.

As I told the Epoch Times, the best way to sum up our response to Covid: an insane, miserable failure.

Epoch Times: The "COVID Cartels" Manipulation of America

Title 42 Border Catastrophe

Title 42 Expiring Graphic

While ending the Covid emergency is long overdue, the Title 42 protections expired at 11:59 pm Thursday.

The emergency health authority allowed U.S. officials to turn away migrants to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Tweet from Border Patrol Union

President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas caused this disaster and the legacy media enabled the border crisis by covering it up.

Now that the catastrophe is totally out of control, will the malfeasance, corruption, and cover-up continue?

Health Freedom Conference in Wisconsin

Sen. Johnson Speaking at Conference

Freedom and truth are the essential ingredients for this American experiment. I was honored to speak at last month's Wisconsin United for Freedom's annual conference in the Wisconsin Dells. My remarks were broadcast on Facebook and you can watch them here.

I'm committed to tenaciously pursue the truth surrounding Covid-19 and the vaccine injured.

Letter to HHS

I sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra requesting unredacted copies of 106 pages that show U.S. public health officials sharing information about ivermectin.

The heavily redacted documents were released to Judicial Watch pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The public has a right to know what information HHS, FDA, NIH, and NIAID officials reviewed regarding the effectiveness of ivermectin and how it considered or dismissed certain data. It's past time for HHS to lift the redactions on the 106 pages and be transparent with the American people.

Compensation for Covid Vaccine Injured

Covid vaccine image

I sent another letter to HHS for more information regarding the government's review of compensation claims for injuries connected to the Covid-19 vaccines.

HHS owes the American people a complete explanation of its administration of the compensation program for individuals who have suffered Covid-19 vaccine injuries.

It is surprising to see such a low number of Covid-19 vaccine claims because according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, as of March 31, 2023, there have been 1,541,275 adverse events and 35,048 deaths associated with the Covid-19 vaccines.

Here's just a few of the questions I have:

  • How does an individual know to file a claim?
  • Is their an adverstising campaign?
  • How many employees are reviewing these claims?

Covid-19 Timeline

As I have said many times, I intend to uncover the truth and hold the Covid Cartel accountable.

From the beginning of the pandemic, I have been investigating the federal government's failed response to Covid-19 and demanding transparency and accountability through congressional oversight.

Here is a timeline of my efforts.