ICYMI: Sen. Johnson Identifies Biden Border Crisis as Top Issue for the American People in 2024

WASHINGTON – On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) appeared on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney to expose Biden’s border crisis and explain why the open border is the most important issue for Americans in 2024. Following this interview, the senator joined Newsmax’s American Agenda with Bob Brooks and Katrina Szish to discuss the Iowa caucus and the importance of Republicans rallying around the eventual GOP nominee in a show of unity. Sen. Johnson also sat down with Brian Kilmeade on The Brian Kilmeade Show to break down the radical left agenda to weaken this country.


Watch the full interview with Stuart Varney here.


On Varney and Co., Sen. Johnson talked about the latest on Senate leadership’s border negotiations with the Biden Administration and the constant lies by President Biden and his Democrat allies about the border crisis.


On the President’s boldfaced lies to the American public about the crisis at the southern border

“Senate leadership is talking to the White House. They're not letting us into the room, they're not telling us all the details. What the President of the United States said right there is just one more boldfaced lie to the American public. He’s not been pressing Republicans to secure the border. People need to understand the crisis at the border, and it is a crisis. It's a clear and present danger to America. He caused it. He is the root cause. They want an open border. He and his Democrat allies in Congress want an open border, and so now we're supposed to negotiate with the arsonist to put out their fire? It doesn't work. Right now, my belief is the Democrats are negotiating for political cover.”


On the lasting ramifications of President Biden’s open border policies 

“The ramifications from President Biden’s open border policy are going to be felt for decades. And by the way, it is President Biden that is responsible for those drownings. I mean it is his open border policy that has facilitated the multi-billion dollar business model of some of the most evil people on the planet. The human traffickers, the sex traffickers, the drug traffickers, the overdoses, that was caused by President Biden, and the American public need to open up their eyes to that reality.”


On the massive security threat caused by this migrant crisis

“It's a clear and present danger. You have the FBI Director saying that all the signals are flashing, right. Foreign terrorist organizations, the highest threat level it's been since 9/11. How do you think foreign fighters can get to America? Of the 6 million people, 1.7 are what they call known gotaways, … that's a misnomer. We don't know who these people are. We don't know where most of the 6 million people are. That is a massive threat. I mean, how has that impacted our response to Iran if we think there may be sleeper cells? No, this is a massive problem. It is the top priority and Republicans better treat it that way, as well.”


Watch the full interview with Bob Brooks and Katrina Szish here.

On American Agenda, the senator joined during the midst of the Iowa caucus to push the importance of GOP unity going into the 2024 elections and highlighting how disastrous four more years of Democrat governance would be.


On the need to defeat President Biden and his Democrat allies

“I’m hoping for really good discussions within the caucus, people talking about what do we need to do to defeat President Biden and his Democrat allies. We can talk about Biden and how unpopular he is, but people need to understand that it’s the Democratic Party, it’s his allies in Congress, for example who wouldn’t even vote to complete the fence we bought and paid for, the people who want an open border, that caused this border crisis, that won’t even acknowledge it’s a crisis. So we need to focus on how awful and destructive Democratic governance has been whether it’s Joe Biden at the head of the ticket, I still have my doubts as to whether or not he’ll be their nominee, any Democrat that replaces him on the ticket will be as bad, if not worse, and we need to unify behind whichever candidate Republican primary voters in the end select.”


On the need for Republicans to rally behind the eventual GOP nominee

“I would say as long as all the candidates pretty well follow the Ronald Reagan eleventh commandment, which they're not necessarily doing, but also tell their supporters in the end, we've got to rally behind whoever Republican primary voters select as our candidate because the alternative is so much worse. I mean, Democrats are destroying this country. We can't take much more of this. So we've got to unify not only our party, but then if elected, we need to unify and heal this nation.”


Listen to the full interview with Brian Kilmeade here.


On the Brian Kilmeade Show, Sen. Johnson broke down the radical left agenda that is tearing apart the country and exposed the mainstream media for covering up the blatant corruption of President Biden and the failures of his administration.


On the left’s destructive policies that weaken America and embolden our enemies

“It's a classic tactic of the left to falsely accuse their opponents of exactly what they do… I've said this repeatedly. If you had to develop a strategy for destroying America, you'd be hard pressed to come with a better plan that what Biden and his leftists are implementing. The open borders, the 40-year high inflation war on fossil fuels, you know, emboldening our enemies abroad, and literally destroying our country democratically.”


On the problem of the mainstream media being advocates for the left

“I say this all the time. It's not a level playing field. It's not a fair fight. I mean, the fact that the mainstream media, basically advocates for the left, is a huge problem for our country because they're not holding both sides equally accountable. You know, we want a free press that's inquisitive, that investigates, that holds both sides equally accountable, but they're not going to hold Fani Willis accountable, are they? They're going to ignore that, just as they ignore the borders, just as they're covering up for Biden on so many different areas…

“I would say that the turning point in terms of the mainstream media covering the border was when Mayor Adams here in New York said, ‘this is going to destroy our city.’ Until he said that, the mainstream media, by and large, covered up for it. I mean, they reported a little bit, but not the way they would if that would have been a Republican administration.”